GKC433DR Switchgear dynamic resistance analyzer

1. GKC433DR is used for testing electrical and mechanical characteristic of high voltage circuit breaker, switch and contactor.
2. Measure the time parameters (close, open, asynchronous, bounce, pre-insert time) of 12 main contacts and 6 resistive contacts. Measure the co-operate time between 6 main- and auxiliary contacts.
3. Measure the resistance and pre-insert time of 6 resistive contacts.
4. Set with 12 contact state indicator lamps on panel. It is easy to judge close and open state.
5. There are three analog input channels and three digital input channels. Measure the motion travel, over-travel, rebound, overshoot and speed of the CB by using resistance or digital transducers.
6. Use a digital rotary transducer for measuring single or multi turn operating mechanism. Resolution is up to 0.04°.
7. Operate Close, Open, O-C-O, O-C, C-O control sequences.
8. Test the mechanical characteristic operated by breaker manually.
9. Edit and store 50 speed definitions of circuit breakers.
10. Built-in DC control output, regulate range 0~270V, can used for control power supply..
11. Built-in DC power for motor energy storage.
12. The tester can measure the motor current.
13. Dynamic resistance measurement.
14. Use Four Probe Method to measure dynamic resistance.
15. Measure the dynamic resistance during Close, Open, C-O operation.
16. Drawing the dynamic resistance curve.
17. The C-O control time can be regulate between 10 to 10000ms.
18. Dynamic resistance curve can be analyzed on PC.
19. Dynamic resistance curve can be printed by the thermal printer.
20. Use IGBT electrical switchgear for control outputs, with high precision and long life age.
21. Built-in DC/AC current sensor for measuring closing and open coil control current.
22. Can store 60 test results in tester’ memory. Loss of power without loss of data.
23. The stored data can be transfer to USB stick.
24. Use the USB stick to update the tester software.
25. LCD displays the operation interface, test data, contacts, travel and coil current curves.
26. High speed thermal printer can print test data, include contacts, travel, and current curves.
27. Max 10000 times repeat action testing automatically.
28. Use an USB cable connecting to Windows PC to operation.
29. Chinese and English language selectable for panel and interface.
30. Open and analyze data on PC, generate report and print A4 report.

1. Time range:1~20000ms  Accuracy:±(0.05%t+0.1)ms
1~2000ms, Resolution 0.1ms;2000~20000ms, Resolution 1ms
2. Analog inputs measurement range:0~5V
3. Transducer resistance range:50Ω~5KΩ
4. Digital transducer socket: RS422
5. Accuracy of angle: ±0.1°  Resolution: 0.05°
6. Stroke measurement range max 1000 mm, depends on transducer length.
Minimum 0.1 mm
7. Stroke measurement accuracy:±(0.5%L+0.2)mm
8. Speed measurement range:0~20m/s,Resolution 0.01m/s
9. DC output: 0~270V/20A,Power: 4KVA
10. DC volt-meter measurement range:0~300V,Accuracy:±(0.5%U+1)V
11. Coil current measurement range:DC 0~3A~30A,AC peak  0~3A~30A,Minimum resolution 1mA
Motor current measurement range: DC 0~4A~40A, AC peak 0~4A~40A Minimum resolution 1mA
12. Resistive contact measurement range:50Ω~2000Ω resolution 1Ω Accuracy:±(1%R+2Ω).
13. Dynamic resistance measurement range: 0~400μΩ~4000μΩ~8000μΩ, Accuracy:±(2%R+2μΩ)
14. Dynamic resistance current output: 150A to 200A. Open voltage: 2.5V.
15. Trigger voltage:≥30V
16. Output control power:300V/AC 30A/DC
17. Power source:AC 198V~265V,47Hz~63HZ
18. Environment: -20℃~50℃,Humidity ≤90%RH,No condensation
19. Weight:12kg;Dimension:492 mm×392 mm×218mm

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